The Spin Theory

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rebellion on all fronts

I’d love to take pictures again. She said it’d be good to see them. My suspicions say she’s the last one watching, but perhaps, this writing thing is easier. Silver and gloss; ink on paper; pixels on a screen — I suppose it’s all black-and-white at the end of the day. Sometimes I wish the […]

high hope

Another year yet. And, really, not much has changed. I’m still listening to the same albums; my Spotify history is embarrassing. It’s just playlist after playlist of what should have been. I guess it’s not so bad. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic. Let’s start over. I’ve had the most wonderful things said about me recently. […]

an apology, six months in the making, and this is all i’ve got.

I’m always worried about running in to you.  It’s still strange how we went to almost zero communication overnight. And we live close enough now that, logistically, a run-in is possible, but we never really had the same taste in bars. I wonder what you’d think of me now. Not much has changed in terms […]