The Spin Theory

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rebellion on all fronts

I’d love to take pictures again. She said it’d be good to see them. My suspicions say she’s the last one watching, but perhaps, this writing thing is easier. Silver and gloss; ink on paper; pixels on a screen — I suppose it’s all black-and-white at the end of the day. Sometimes I wish the […]

truth in numbers

The anticipation might kill me. I can’t sleep – I can hardly breathe. Three years. Three stupid, fucking years. Every ounce of this city bleeds the memories I’ve projected on it. Green, circular, cement filigree; geometric, cold, technological hearts; my fat, ridiculous cat. It’s you. All of it. And why? It should have been me […]

the brighter side

My dad woke up in the ICU today. He’s been there for a couple of days, but he doesn’t remember anything – just an alien bed and white walls. Not an easy thing to deal with all at once. He called me from my little brother’s phone saying he just wanted to hear my voice. […]