The Spin Theory

Category: daydreams

truth in numbers

The anticipation might kill me. I can’t sleep – I can hardly breathe. Three years. Three stupid, fucking years. Every ounce of this city bleeds the memories I’ve projected on it. Green, circular, cement filigree; geometric, cold, technological hearts; my fat, ridiculous cat. It’s you. All of it. And why? It should have been me […]

tout pour elle

The things I forgot to say. The things I should’ve done. The things I forgot to say. The things I should’ve done. The things I forgot to say— Stop. I hastily shuffle through the papers on my desk before crumpling the majority of them and throwing them out. It was always just a happy waste of […]

tie this to your wrist, and remember me always

I open the door and a waft of senses overwhelms me. You’ve lit candles like you always do, but more so because it’s gotten darker in the late fall. The house smells familiar – fresh, and like meals have been prepared – but it is quiet. I move in through the living room, drinking in the […]

playing hooky

In my mind we used to skip school together. We were just kids then, lost in our own self-assurances, confident that we had the world figured out. And maybe we did. You were always beautiful, and the years haven’t changed that, save for the wrinkles in the corners of your eyes. Wild, carefree, and curious, […]